Continued Profession Development

Continued Profession Development 

trainingThere can be various reasons why effectiveness in consulting can be enhanced or left to decay. Effectiveness in Consulting can only be with a good education as a basic building block. Greater importance will be by Continuous Professional Development (CPD) undertaken by the individual. It is of paramount importance for a management consultant to increase in CPD for his/her own benefit, as well as that of the client.

At IMCS, we aim to provide CPD courses in Management Consultancy as a component that will lead to Certification & CMC qualification and membership in the Institute.

Our programs offer specialized educational and training courses for management consultants through participation at 3 levels:

  • Management training seminar / workshops on the various management consultancy modules
  • Graduate Certificate in Management Consultancy (GCMC) Programme
  • Graduate Diploma in Management Consultancy (GDMC) Programme

Crucial consulting skills in all areas are fully covered in the individual modules.